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Default Re: [GAME] Synthesise a Cybercity!

Question 9 [CTY][Name 5]: Name and describe 5 popular hangouts.
Answer 9.4 [CTY]- Hangouts
4) Betty's Beachside Bunker
This is a popular draw for wannabe-military types as well as those actually paid to carry arms and look like thugs. This joint has heavily barricaded pill box chic and is decorated with whatever colourful flotsam finds its way onto the beach after a storm. The main draw is the machine gun emplacement where you can practise target shooting on the dog-sized muto-crabs that come crawling up the beach on rainy nights. A good place to either find muscle or find work as muscle. Also check the menu for the spicy crab hotpot.
Collaborative Settings:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
And heaps of forum collabs, 30+ and counting!

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