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Default Re: [GAME] Synthesise a Cybercity!

Answer 9
1) The Interface
This establishment started life as an E-sport arena complete with wall to wall holographic displays. But when E-Sports fell out of favour the location was redeveloped as a meeting place and virtual conference center. Given that this isn't a particularly profitable business things have become quite run down. Now visitors can get a drink and chat to people who don't care that their avatars are a bit glitchy but also appreciate that the mandatory logging systems have failed due to a lack of maintenance.

2) Sushi Steve's
The sushi is expensive and awful.
On the other hand the show you get with it is often unique. Genetically Engineered fighting fish and other aquatic creatures battle it out once or twice a night. The loser then gets served to the crowd.

3) T'mish
The old Transmission towers used during the automated construction of You-topia are now inhabited and visited by teens from a wide range of social stratas. A fully landlocked(?) seaweed choked pool with the mothballed original pier and drone hutches around the edges. The area is dominated by the skeletal transmission tower.

4) Open

5) Open

Question 14
Gilga is a purveyor of locally made sublegal devices, given that the most available local resources are mainly plastics and biological compounds what specific things does sie make?

(Question 5 was answered a few posts back)
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