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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
I believe that the Succubus Leech was supposed to be rather passive, with her victim engaging in sex while she is passively receiving them.
H66 says "ADSP is caused by succubi" and I think "Awareness During Sleep Paralysis" is meant to be represented by the "Sleep" (H12) attack she can use to immobilize them. It's also a contact agent (doesn't need to be sexual though) which can be used instantaneously and if they fail the save it lasts at least 100 minutes, plenty of time to do 12 rounds of 8-min-apiece Leeches.

If they resist, a succubus could just keep using it over and over again until they failed (no cost to attempt, brute force approach) but if someone was immune then they do have ST+2 and Constriction Attack, so they could just hold them down until they were done. Doing a bear hug (MA117) on their torso until they fall unconscious would one approach to use, but since that would be done via depleting FP (preventing succubus from leeching it) they would probably avoid that, and just try to pin them and maintain the pin and defend against 'Break Free' maneuvers for 8 solid minutes.

Unless "intimacy" requires "subject must be conscious" I think they'd find it easier to just knock out their targets. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to having them away. Some variation of Doleovore (pain) and Metuovore (fear) based on lust (bonus HP drained if they are consciously aroused) might make sense for some succubus variants though, and might explain why they'd keep them awake.

The "sleep" affliction alone doesn't really line up with the idea of ADSP though, since it knocks unconscious and doesn't imbue awareness My guess is that's what "Nightmare" (also H12) is used for: the subject is unconscious but afflicting the 'nightmares' disadvantage gives them "awareness" of what the succubus did because presumably if you Afflict:Nightmare you can choose the nightmare?

I don't really understand what the motive would be in a succubus showing the victim what happened though, especially since Nightmares can cause FP loss which is bad because the Succubus would want them to regain as much FP as possible for their next feeding...

On the other hand, the FP can be recovered through sleep and the succubus can HELP with that, keeping them asleep to recover the FP first and then feeding on it.

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
A more active version might be Leech 1 (Accelerated Healing, +25%; Accessibility, Sex, -25%; Blood Agent, +40%; No Signature, Mundane, +25%; Steals FP, -25%) [15]
Since the H66 versions lacks No Signature there's probable an obvious supernatural element to the feeding which is why I think "Sleep" would be afflicted first to incapacitate them so they can't witness it.

They "charm and seduce their victims" which I imagine is done to get close enough to use the Sleep attack.

Perhaps "charm and seduce their victims" is why they would opt to use Nightmare? B144-145 mentions crit-failing the self-control roll for nightmares gives a perception/skill penalty, which could help in making them vulnerable to manipulation by the succubus's influence skills.

Since the "Sleep" and "Leech" attacks both lack "affect substantial", succubi can't attack substantial targets with them while insubstantial, so as Threshold entities (H27) they must manifest and be vulnerable to attack to feed, unless they try to feed on other spirits while insubstantial.

I've never heard of that, I'm surprised Leech doesn't have "substantial only" limitation to prevent them from just feeding on other spirits. Maybe a lot of spirits aren't valid targets due to being Sexless? M160's Lich/Wraith might be immune to a succubi's Leech 2 for example because if you're sexless then "sexual intimacy" is impossible?

B165 defines the quirk as more than sterility and there's immunity to seduction which would make it hard to get up close to use Sleep.

Since succubi can't see through walls, it probably also makes it very easy for spirits to hide from her, since they can just run through a nearby wall and she wouldn't be able to track them as easily as a mortal, whose paths would be guided by walls and who would leave footprints, smells, etc. Spirits who don't want a scary succubus to touch them could probably just float underground (effectively invisible if you can't see through solid earth) and then she wouldn't know where to go to try and touch them.
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