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Default Odd Afflictions [Powers/Supers]

I was just curious what are the odd types of afflictions that you have used in your games? Here is one of mine to get things started:

Blessings of Intimacy: Affliction (HT; Accessibility, Only during consensual sex, -30%; Advantage, Covenant of Rest, +10%; Advantage, Daredevil, +150%; Advantage, Extra Option (Godlike Extra Effort), +10%; Advantage, Luck, +150%; Advantage, Sanitized Metabolism, +10%; Advantage, Spirit Contract (Deity), +10%; Aura, +80%; Blood Agent, -40%; Divine, -10%; Extended Duration, 1000x, +120%; Melee, C, -30%; Onset, Exposure Time, 1 minute, -30%) [50]. Notes: The practitioner, usually a member of the clergy of a goddess of fertility or goddess of sex, blesses a sexual partner with a number of advantages (two major and four minor).
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