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Originally Posted by Evil Roy Slade View Post
Er... I think see an issue here.
The shell isn't made of iron, so isn't meteoric iron, and thus can be affected by magic. As noted above, you can affect something that has meteoric iron in it with magic, you just can't affect the iron itself. It's no different from using Levitate or whatever on a character who is carrying some meteoric iron in their backpack.
Yes, this is arguably rampant munchkinism, but I think is acceptable for the genre...

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
In the case of meteoric iron, though, the cost increase for meteoric could easily just be based on how much more difficult it is to work -- it costs $11,400 extra to make a broadsword out of meteoric iron, $950 extra for an axe, and a sword does not have 12x as much metal as an axe.
Eh, all CF modifiers work like that (note it costs less to make 16 lb of scale armor into bronze than to do the same for 8 lb of plate armor), but I do agree it's entirely possible a lot of meteoric iron's cost is due to the difficulty in working it. Unless the buyer is in the market for a meteoric iron door of that size and design, you may essentially just be selling the door for its value in scrap metal... but one would expect meteoric iron scrap metal to still command a high price, given that it should be fairly rare.
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