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Default Fixing round length in GURPS

The Dungeon Fantastic blog makes several good points in the April 2, 2020 article, "Turn length in GURPS". This is attempt to fix certain problems noted, including that turn lengths make sense on the micro scale, but not on the macro scale. A battle involving 1,000 individuals on each side, still proceeds at 1 second per round, with no game time given to Oberve, Orient, or Decide in the game time. No time is given to pauses, unless rules such as exhaustion mechanics force it. In addition, everyone is clearly shown as perfectly aware of everything that doesn't need an explicit per roll.

This post, then, suggests a fix to round length. Apologies if the wording is confusing; I lack sleep.

Round length is increased using a chart with both logarithmic and triangular numbers. The length of a round is based on the number of combatants. In each round, you may take a number of discrete actions as specified in the chart. In addition, you may take a number of non-discrete actions. Each action, discrete or non-discrete, takes one second; this is unchanged from the default rules. Making an attack, picking a lock, attempting to intimidate someone, or driving a vehicle towards a specific destination are all examples of discrete actions. Aiming, feinting, taking extra time, taking an item (such as a gun or a lockpicking toolkit) out of your pocket, and adjusting the speed and direction of a vehicle, are all examples of non-discrete actions. If you are not sure, it is probably a discrete action. The chart only notes discrete actions; the number of non-discrete actions remaining is equal to the number of seconds left after discrete actions have been allocated. You need not take your full number of discrete actions, or any discrete actions at all; the only limit is that the total actions taken cannot exceed the number of seconds per round.

Combatants  SpR     Actions
*1-2        1       1
3-4         2       1
5-8         4       2
9-16        8       3
17-32       15      5
33-64       30      7
65-125      60      10
126-250     2 min   15
251-500     4 min   21
501-1,000   8 min   30
1,001-2,000 15 min  42**
SPR: Seconds per Round
* In case a character finds themself in mortal combat with themself. In such a case, shooting oneself in the cheek as repayment for their cheek is traditional.
** Mathematically a little over, but then, that's the point.

Edit: In the case of the longer round lengths, with 5 or more discrete actions per player, it is recommended that GMs apply a secondary house rule, such as resolving rounds simultaneously.
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