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Originally Posted by naloth View Post
It's more rounded. That ! covers "ninja" weapons, bare-hand fighting, acrobatics, jumping, and stealth in combat. I've basically described that one as "if you see a ninja do it in combat in a film, this skill covers it." The "in combat" part is in important since it wouldn't cover poisoning someone, impersonation, breaking in, etc. 48 points also gives him 4 "WP" to spend (updated first post to mention how I've used them), which allows him to avoid crits, buy success, and even boost his skills on occasion.

It compares pretty well to lots of various skills and competes reasonably well with high attributes. Also, with his attributes, wildcards nicely give him a 14 in any business or science skill even when he isn't doing detective stuff (which is a higher WC).
Ok, it makes sense. However, it might require a predefined list of Wildcard. If it's too loose, one might come up with the WC Ninja! and easily argue that it does include the "out of combat" stuff as well. Even with Martial Artist! as you defined it, does it man it cannot be used at all for acrobatics, jumping, and stealth out of combat? If not, Batman would need these skills on top of MA!
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