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Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
This version was not necessarily based on the Netflix version but more on my perception of what Daredevil is. It might be dated because it is still coloured by the comic books while John Romita Sr was still drawing the book mixed with what we have seen in Netflix. That's why I still see him with a Code of Honor (Hero) and even more importantly, swinging.
Sure, there are lots of different ways to approach him.

I also considered what I would do for a 750 point game. Mostly it involves stunts to compete (imbuements?)

I was flip floping between the two and ended up with both :). Opinion on which one should stay?
Honestly, neither really came to mind when I thought of him.

However, it is a good way to bolster what he can do especially using batons. If you keep one or the other, I'd focus on having him use DWA too.

I passively did not consider Wildcards or Imbuement or KYOS.
Wildcards help me simplify/focus what a given PC does. Long skill lists get to be a pain when you also have a dozen powers to keep track of.

Imbuements just *work* for certain concepts, like using "Project Blow" for a throw & return weapon.

KYOS seems to balance cinematic supers better. Batman won't be taking blows from this Superman (even with the best armor in basic available at TL he'll be negative in 1 hit), but he won't be a fine red mist either. Likewise, it tempers the gun stats so you don't need absurd DR levels and offers practical reasons why many metas don't use off the shelf gear.

(maybe except for hardcore martial artists). I would also think about making some enhancements (like variable for innate attack) automatic/free instead of having every energy blaster having to include it.
Yes, that sounds like a fair starting point. I've never actually run HERO. Came close, but our group played GURPS for years prior to that so it was easier to just use GURPS.

What do you mean by not allowing source based neutralize/static in your setting? Good point for Parabolic Hearing!
Super is worth -5% for anti-powers and -5% for tech countermeasures. You stripped the -5% for 1 fatigue out of biological and left the -5% for tech countermeasures. I jumped straight to "Super." Just curious why since -10% isn't that big of a difference.
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