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Mister Fantastic
50 ST 15 BL 63 Thr 2d-1 (punch 2d-2)
40 DX 12
80 IQ 16
20 HT 12
Move 6

14 Constriction Attack (Super -10%)
135 DR 15 (Physical Only -20%; Reflection +100%; Selectivity +10%; Super -10%)
45 DR 10 (Super -10%)
10 Eidetic Memory
14 Flexibility (Super -10%)
50 Gadgeteer (Fast)
65 Gadget Pool 5 (Rev's Houserule; Base +30%; 3d6 min -15%; Physical only -50%)
15 Intuition
5 Intuitive Mathmatician (Lightning Calculator)
33 Stretching 6 (SM+12 total; 200 yards; Super -10%)
132 Stretching! 6 (Super -10%)
40 Talent: Math 4
20 Talent: Stretching 4
25 Wild Talent 1 (Retention +25%)

37 Brawling-14 (DX+2) [4]; Science!-16 (IQ) [24]; Scrounging-16 (IQ) [1]; Wrestling-14 (DX+2) [8]

830 Total (mostly needs disads to arrive at 750)

Designer's Notes.
Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards) is a bit of a challenge to do on a reasonable budget. I'm been keeping the FF around 750, so I built him for this level. Even so, he's still very formidable.

Foremost, in combat, he's a brick. He has enough DR to make him immune to most physical projectiles (he could take .50 fire in this setting and rarely take damage), and can bounce them back for up to 15 points of damage (~4d+1) to the attacker at will. In general he's a better grappler than puncher.

He can stretch any body part +5 SM per second (if you're using the Powers rule that Talent adds) up to a maximum of +12 SM (200 yards). He can also wild card an additional chosen stretching ability worth up to 33 points. Examples include:
18 Elastic Skin (Super -10%)
18 Flight (Controlled Gliding -45%; Super -10%)
28 IA 8d cr (Slingshot, requires correct ammo -20%, Super -10%)
28 IA 8d pi (Slingshot, requires correct ammo -20%, Super -10%)
27 Lifting ST +5 (BL 200)
28.8 Payload 32 (x3.2 BL or 260 lbs; Super -10%)
5 Permeation (Any one material with at least a tiny hole)
28.8 Striking ST+16 (Thr 6d-1; Super -10%)

He has an effective skill 20 for any science skills, can calculate in his head like a super computer, tends to guess the right answer, and can *know/learn* skills on the fly as necessary (Wild Talent w/retention). His gadget pool is small (honestly he doesn't use it much, and when he does it tends to be desperate items that he may fueling with XP as well or one shot items) at 5 points, but big enough to give him an item to tinker with. As a Fast Gadgeteer he can often make use of available tech and tools at penalties.
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