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Default Re: Welcome to the Ponyplex (Setting Sketch)

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Oh my goodness, someone else remembers The Maxx! I was beginning to think it was a reality shard!
I rather liked The Maxx. I used to watch that and Aeon Flux. Couldn't stand Beavis & Butthead.

This thread reminds me of an early session of Facets, before the players really realized how bad an idea it was to pull a sufficiently large animal through a portal. Even after Master Oink went all hellpig on them, they continued to discuss forcing horses through.

I had a lavender kelpie with long, pretty eyelashes all queued up.

"Friendship is magic! The water is clean and wonderful, and that pretty pool hides the magical passage to Equestria! Let's go, little princess! Yay!"
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