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Default Re: Differences between GURPS 3 & 4 cybernetics

Something I want to share in case there are people who still run cyberpunk campaigns and like to have additional support material for their campaign environment...

There is a group of people who enjoy still, Cyberpunk 2020 - and create material for use with the genre and the game system. While in chat at another forum, one individual in question, put together a City Kit, that permits the GM to quickly generate building heights (floors) along with building inhabitants as far as business types go. The nice thing is, it is constructed for use with 1d10 random rolling or 1d100.

It is available at RPGNOW with a "pay what you want" option. With 48 pages stuffed with things a gm might want, it is worth what ever you decide it is worth. Things like "call for backup" and determining what the person calling for back up gets (assuming the caller is in law enforcement of some kind), is nice - right down to how many minutes it takes for the help to arrive on the scene. A GM who builds drone robots for their campaign, would find it nice to know that drones are included in encounters. ;)

In all - I found it worth the money I paid for it. Now if it only had "Street names" that I could use in a pinch, it would be complete. Teasing aside, I'm willing to bet that this is something that Cyberpunk GM's might be glad exists.

The name of the item in question is:

The Holistic City Kit For Cyberpunk Games by Augmented Reality

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