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Default Re: Differences between GURPS 3 & 4 cybernetics

Originally Posted by thulben View Post
Hmm I'd play it slightly differently (which means at least one of us is having the wrong kind of fun). Specifically, as the GM, you should set the HT of the device at a level that suggests its quality/proneness to malfunction. Maybe the base model has HT 10 but the ruggedized version has CF +0.5 and HT 12! Want a cheaper version? You can have one that's CF -0.25 but HT 8. Hope you like getting it fixed!
For what it is worth, after months later, I stumbled over the rules in GURPS ULTRATECH for 4e, and found that the rules specify that the HT of any cybernetic item is indeed, 10, unless ruggedized...

Nice call. :)
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