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Default Re: Differences between GURPS 3 & 4 cybernetics

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I see no reason for security updates. It's not like I'm going to download a song and have my heart beat out the rhythm.
When I first read this I would have agreed with you but the more I think about it the less absurd it sounds. While it is true that you don't expect it do that much (well other than keep you alive) but you do expect it to do it in a demanding environment. It strikes me that this demands a fairly significant capacity for adjustment, particularly if the implant is intended to give its recipient a full healthy life as opposed to simply keeping them alive.

The point is that the same mechanisms could be coopted and used to kill the recipient. Now this isn't a particularly likely scenario (it will probably occur in fiction more often than fact) but it may still be plauseable enough that the manufacturers will take precautions. This will be especially true where cybernetics use off the shelf components and software giving would be assassins a library of preexisting exploits developed in other implementations.
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