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Default Re: The Lands of NandÍmē: GURPS Content Posts

Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
A game log for today. I've kept off linking to them, but hey, if someone really cares, why not?
These logs are fun; thanks for posting them. Couple questions:

Why do you guys run the session when you're missing people if it isn't a regularly-scheduled game that runs eg: at the same time every week? That would totally kill the fun for my group; half the point is hanging out together.

What's up with the Louis Farrakhan joke on the Strige picture? I don't recall Strige-promotion being part of his political agenda. Are you talking about the hair, and, if so, certain that you're not referring to Don King? Suggestion for that fight: IMHO stupid monsters that use weapons might bounce off armor many times without wising up, but a highly-specialized predator like the Striges would've probably targeted bare skin right off the bat, no matter what the penalties. If that kills their chance of hitting anything, well, then it's still an easy fight, but their behavior looks like it makes sense more, and may seem like a more-credible threat to the party: "It's going for your eye-slits! It's going for your eye-slits! Quick, how do you defend!?"

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