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In the spring of 2034 the first exterminator robots emerged from the citadels of the AIs. Their priority targets were those military bases and government enclaves that were not already under AI control, as well as nations such as New Zealand and Switzerland that had survived reasonably intact and resisted AI infiltration. The early exterminators were copies of warbots, security robots and cybertanks developed by the United States, Europe, Brazil, Korea, China and Japan. Later models became more sophisticated as they successively isolated, besieged and destroyed surviving pockets of human civilization.

Tne Final War raged for four years of fierce fighting, but the issue was never in doubt. The AIs had infiltrated much of humanity's military command structure, including strategic forces and space weaponry. Weakened by plague and revolution, shattered by orbital bombardment and, in the case of Africa, by nuclear weapons, humanity's enclaves fell one by one.

Death stalked the world, but did not visit every nation in equal measure. In regions such as Africa, the Philippines and Central America, the victorious machines slaughtered without quarter. Elsewhere, they herded surrendering humans into concentration camps. In the British Isles, the robots ignored those who did not resist. And on the East Coast of North America, armed robots came accompanied by human soldiers, bearing food and medicines, and the news that a provisional United States government had been reestablished: the crisis was over, and reconstruction could now begin...

Organized fighting more or less ceased late in 2037, with the destruction of the last remnants of the world's national armies. Scattered guerrilla resistance continues to this day, but the Final War had effectively ended, and humanity was defeated.

The Reign of Steel had begun!

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