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Default Re: Pyramid Volume 4 Index

Issues 4-6, 2022:

#4 Fantasy/Magic II
  • The Social Delver (Matt Riggsby)
  • Clerics of Ice and of Time and Fate (Phil Masters)
  • Tome Raiders (Peter V. Dell’Orto)
  • A Few From Faeries (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Dungeon Diving (Aleksei Isachenko)
  • Your Own Worst Enemy (Sean Punch)
  • Orbs of Power (Anders Starmark)
  • The Alchemists’ Guild (Alden Loveshade)
  • Burn While Reading (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Technomagic Ritual Path Magic Spells (Christopher R. Rice)
  • I Make My Fate (Sean Punch)
  • Random Thought Table: The Noble Prize (Steven Marsh)

#5 Modern/Action II
  • (Sean Punch)
  • Nuova Cittą del Sole (Phil Masters)
  • It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad Airship (Carolyn Ivy Stein and Stephen Kenneth Stein)
  • Extra! Extra! Travel (Steven Marsh)
  • The Secret Police (Matt Wehmeier)
  • Secret Police in the Campaign (Matt Wehmeier)
  • Eye-Spies (S.A. Fisher)
  • Dare to Investigate (Christopher R. Rice)
  • The Working Adventurer (Rory Fansler)
  • Of Such Uncertain Things (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Technopathy (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Random Thought Table: Data Birth (Steven Marsh)

#6 Sci-Fi/Tech II
  • Today’s Tomorrow, Tomorrow’s Yesterday (Sean Punch)
  • On the Super Leading Edge (Phil Masters)
  • Live Each Day (Steven Marsh)
  • Palyatnik (Matt Wehmeier)
  • Even Weirder Science (Jason Brick)
  • The Artifactuals (Steven Marsh)
  • Exotic Social Communication (Rory Fansler)
  • Neo-Tortuga (Matt Riggsby)
  • Neon Knights (Simon Proctor)
  • Her Sails in Silence Fall (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Whose Turf Is This? (Sean Punch)
  • Random Thought Table: Slug-Tech (Steven Marsh)
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