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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
As for getting caught, why would the copies care? ... because they would know that they would live on as the original and the other copies.
That's where value drift comes into this. The "copies of you are also you" meme seems like it would break easily, especially to psychopath who goes around murdering people for funzies. Once the "copies" meme is broken moping up at least a section of the network becomes more doable. With sophisticated weaponized memetics of THS, spreading "anti-copies of you" memes around is probably a key part of xox-hunting campaigns.

Originally Posted by Verjigorm View Post
Like, first, the TSA is out there, eagerly committing IP theft and thumbing it's nose at the patent laws of the western powers and China.
The TSA isn't a rogue state like the Trojan Mafia. They still get invited to the international conventions and there's apparently enough trade between the rest of the world and the TSA to make Singapore relevant. When the Pacific War happened, the rest of the world decided to stay out of it, instead of jumping on a rogue state that allows all kinds of hooliganism.

Originally Posted by Verjigorm View Post
"snuff films", sensies of the kills could be distributed underground in 4th and 5th wave societies the way similar snuff porn and..worse, child porn, gets shared around in our society. These sensies could even include malicious programs that could downlink from one of those data havens, allowing the AI to spread itself through them.
And at the same time, legal and similar content could be produced using bioroids. Legal channels will have advantages over the dubious illegal channels where you might get transformed into a killing machine by rogue AI.

Originally Posted by Verjigorm View Post
In fact, isn't there a villain in THS, Dr. Maria Omikage, who xox's herself and keeps showing up doing horrible Island of Dr. Moreau things, despite the efforts of civilized society in quashing her?
Yeah, there is. The important difference is that Omakage lives and operates in asteroid belt, a mostly ungoverned region, and KillerAI appears to be intended to operate on Earth.

Originally Posted by Verjigorm View Post
I don't the fourth and fifth wave are going to just be like: "Oh, yeah, let's just not worry about it", I just think it's far more likely to be a complicated and difficult thing to just get rid of, similar to modern domestic terrorism or human trafficking. And with the mobility of a digital mind in THS, it could be very hard to chase down every bit of a malicious intelligence.
Sure, it's probably something that the THS FBI and analogues spend a great deal of time worrying about. On the other hand:
-> None of this is cheap.
-> Constructed AI have guard rails that give them GURPS Honest, which would be pretty hard to make a serial killer out of.
-> THS as a whole is such a psychiatric society most people don't have mental disadvantages anymore

Anything like this has to be rather deliberately created (putting it into the realm of terrorism) or a ridiculous fluke (it's hard to imagine anyone could get enough resources together while having an untreated diseased mind).
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