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Default Re: Crime and Punishment for AIs

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
.....and you think they're pro-serial killer? If those off-Earth jurisdictions think that's what they want they can just get cut off from Earthnet and the Earth won't even notice.
I mean, the Red Trojans will literally supply engineered viruses and nuclear bombs to people. What's renting serve space for a psychosomatic AI/Ghost/Xox? In fact, isn't there a villain in THS, Dr. Maria Omikage, who xox's herself and keeps showing up doing horrible Island of Dr. Moreau things, despite the efforts of civilized society in quashing her?

And this is of course assuming that EarthNet can just "pull the plug". Like, first, the TSA is out there, eagerly committing IP theft and thumbing it's nose at the patent laws of the western powers and China. So our fictional KillerAI could lease server time at the TSA, and then use a tight beam upload to an orbital data-haven, maybe one associated with trojans. "snuff films", sensies of the kills could be distributed underground in 4th and 5th wave societies the way similar snuff porn and..worse, child porn, gets shared around in our society. These sensies could even include malicious programs that could downlink from one of those data havens, allowing the AI to spread itself through them.

I don't the fourth and fifth wave are going to just be like: "Oh, yeah, let's just not worry about it", I just think it's far more likely to be a complicated and difficult thing to just get rid of, similar to modern domestic terrorism or human trafficking. And with the mobility of a digital mind in THS, it could be very hard to chase down every bit of a malicious intelligence.
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