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Default Re: Crime and Punishment for AIs

Memory editing and merging is an established part of transhuman fiction, so I am not quite sure why the original could not experience everything their copies did. Anyway, the original could experience the actions of the copies through sensies, meaning that they could experience hundreds of new victims every year without having to do anything beyond the initial seeding.

It really does not terribly matter if releasing killer ghosts is illegal, you have to find the offender first. For example, a ghost that lives in Islandia could easily travel to the USA annually for business, kidnap someone and convert them into a bioshell, and then implant a modified copy of themselves onto the new bioshell. If the serial killer owns a bushbot, they can even brainpeel their victim so that their copy gains access to the host's memories through brain hacking.

After the original leaves, the copy proceeds to live the life of the host while scouting out victims. When they find an appropriate victim, they covert their victim and copy themselves before indulging in murder. During their activities, they would send sensies to the original, who could experience them and sell them on the dark web. If it looked like they would get caught, the copy would commit suicide in a glorious baptism of blood and fire, with the full knowledge that they will live on in the original and their copy.
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