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Question 21 [CTY]: Expanding upon 16, what does this city export that makes it worth it for NeuroCorp to keep it afloat?

NeuroCorp is chiefly notable for inventing and leading the cutting edge in Artificial Neuronic Computers (i.e. fake brains). The original plan for YOU-Topia was to be a city-sized factory to produce ANCs and all the semi-products in between. When they lost the Master Wars, they tacked on office spaces and executive housing.

YOU-Topia has suffered lean years, especially after self-improving programs were introduced. There were some doubts that it would make a centennial, but after Humanity passed a ban on non-biological AI, NeuroCorp is back on top.

Question 22 [CTY][Name 10]: Name and describe 10 different districts or locales in the city. 7 of 10 OPEN.

3/10. Central Neuron Fabricator Area
Nobody swims in the water around YOU-Topia (well, not willingly). The fact that there are still "DO NOT SWIM" signs all around NeuroCorp's Brain Factories says something, but nobody's sure what.

Despite being an industrial area, the lack of pollution (there aren't even dumpsters around the factories) and heavy transit infrastructure creates enormous opportunities for commercial activities. The ambience created by the nearby factories and weird shaped lots available generate a great number clubs. Corporate security ignores the organized crime as long as nobody disturbs the factories.

There are residential areas on the edges of the CNF Area. Long-time residents have claimed that the area's been growing faster over the last decade. Figuratively, not literally. Literally is just conspiracy theory.

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