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Now, it is clear that Complexity isn't an absolute measure, and represents a lot more resources as time passes. The software does the same basic job, in the same basic way, as in the mid-eighties, but it has got a lot more capable and needs more resources. These rules seem like a decent approximation for game purposes.
That's good to know.

When I researched the development of computers, it appeared to me that a lot of the basic functionsóword processing, communication, spreadsheetsówere largely the same, though current versions may have more bells and whistles. But the interaction with the user has changed: from CLI, to GUI black and white, to GUI color, to music output, to video output. Scotty saying "Computer?" to a mouse was funny back in the day, but these days Siri might say, "How can I help you?" or something like that and make a guess at what he was asking for.
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