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Halcyone isn't quite sure about leaks at headquarters when Rubrum starts talking about getting information from the front near the Sabuleum gate. she has eliminated a good three quarters of the officers from her "most suspicious" list, but has been focusing on getting Rubrum near the caverns.
Well, I guess unless I go AWOL I'm sure I'll be able to make it back to pick up where I left off.

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He makes one last visit to the hospital to visit Alexa (the hospital with the man who says he saw the emperor). After that he'll travel with a unit of fresh recruits down to the Sabuleum gate.

Will Halcyone be visiting the deposed priest before they go?
I don't think I can get leave through proper channels to do this; could I persuade Thelo to cover for me and/or drive me out while Rubrum's sleeping or something?
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