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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
The problem is easily used common magic (Low Fantasy) is incomparable with a realistic fantasyland (High Fantasy).

Unless magic is curtailed in someway (like can only be done ceremonially) is is going to FUBAR a TL3 society to the point that as far as ETL is concerned it isn't TL3 anymore.
I think that really depends on the nature of the magic (love spells powered by fickle spirits, or enchanting untiring men of bronze to do the work?), and fantasyland is not a historical medieval society. Its a mish-mash of tropes from the Bronze Age to the 19th century. I already gave one example of a change from historical societies which can help make fantasyland, and one example of a change which can hurt.

D&D settings are an example of irrational high fantasy with common magic which would change the world if they were rational settings. The Magic Goes Away is a famous example of rational fantasy where the magic affects societies.
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