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Originally Posted by FeiLin View Post
Yeah, it's a bit sloppy when I say "range". What I mean is the compounded estimate of primarily angular size, and I think that what's bothering me is attacker size.
Angular size would be notionally computed from a mathematical point at the apex of the triangle with the target. The SM of stuff near that point doesn't matter to the apparent size of the target. (If you lie on your back and shoot upward, does it get easier because you're now the SM of the Earth?)

You can argue about stuff like the MoA of a rifle, but that's at best a point or so of Acc, not an SM modifier (and even some of that is relative to the shooter). Not all targeting mechanisms depend on a sight radius, for that matter. If you want that much detail, seems like you'd want to houserule an Acc modifier.

Or, more specifically, projectile size.
Sounds more like a rule to reduce the pi category or damage (for non-pi attacks) when a projectile shrinks. Since GURPS has separate hit and damage rolls, it makes less sense to me to apply that to the hit (unlike systems that treat damage as "goodness of hit" with a single roll). Also, not all ranged weapons are projectile weapons, so they wouldn't have worse damage at range. (Might even get better -- "burning" changing to "tight-beam burning" when it shrinks, for instance, cr becomes pi, etc.)
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