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Default Injuries and hit locations

Injury and Recovery (MA136) lets you track injury per location.

1. How does that interact with Basic? For instance, if I take a hit to the arm and to the leg, I guess that this also counts toward 0 HP and having to start making HT rolls to stay conscious, etc, so I have to track both per limb and injury total, right?

2. Also, limb/extremity/etc injuries are capped at crippling levels; does that still hold for extreme dismemberment?

3. Finally, are none of the non-crippling effects pertinent until 2×HT s have passed, meaning that the only direct immediate numerical effect on combat ability is shock? I didn't find it explicitly, but I guess that the torso replaces the normal 1/3×HP consequences and that torso only comes into effect after the adrenaline wears off.
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