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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

Originally Posted by lordabdul View Post
Funny, just before I came here to check on the forums, I was just looking at my party's weapons and their reach, and see what kind of interesting things I can do there :)

Two of the PCs have reach 1,2 weapons, which means I should really also throw a few NPCs that go into close combat (something which I also barely ever used). Forcing those players to spend a turn changing grips, or spend a turn moving away to keep the NPCs at bay would probably do wonders to break the monotony of attacks every turn.
Yep, reach can work in both directions. Also reach advantage and wait can give you some nasty tactic's to fight defensively and still attack, (and also slow down melee for the purposes already mentioned)

It also works well with shield walls (to pick up on that):

4 combatants*: 2 in front have large shields and the shield wall & team work perks, 2 standing behind have long weapons and team work perk.

The front row basically protects the whole lot, the back row can often get away with AoA's including AoA(L).

One potential down side is the front row can't retreat back into the back row, unless the back row has cleared the hex first which given the timing can be tricky to fit retreat movement in (as it kind of happens out of sequence). But that said chaps with large shields are likely to be only getting a +1 retreat bonus anyway.

But to go back to what we were talking about earlier, get some archers on the flank or behind it and it starts to suffer!

Now OK this might need a bit of work to fit into a Post Apoc setting! (But I do now see post apocalyptic huscarls in my minds eye)

*can be prone to being flanked, for extra defence 6 people 4 in the front 2 in the back

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