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Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
Sure, you can stage combats wherein the archers are featured, but in any instance that isn't staged they'll go right back to being support. I don't see how you can really change this without going cinematic.
Part of my point though is that melee combat is [already] cinematic, and we just accept that - fighters do something every single second and have situational awareness of the fight that nobody in reality possibly could, they take injuries that would leave most people on the ground screaming and shrug them off with a 1 second shock penalty.... If you want missile combat to be as cool as those "realistic" melee fights, it isn't exactly amazing you need a similar degree of departure from realism.

And I really do think that first one is the biggest problem - letting the melee fighters do something every turn but making the archers spend half of them reloading automatically makes the archers feel less useful. I think it's a large part of why starting the fight at longer ranges helps, the archers get to do something while the melee fighters are taking uninteresting "Move and Nothing" maneuvers to close the range.
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