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Default Re: Balanced games for archers

A few things to consider regarding ranged attacks:

* You can't parry an arrow. (Unless using cinematic rules). Parry if often the main defense for melee fighters. Having to rely on Dodge is a big penalty.
* You can't make a retreating dodge against a ranged attack. The only way to boost your dodge is by making dodge and drop, and that just gives the archer more time to shoot you.
* If you can move to shoot someone in the side, they get -2 penalty to defense.

*If a large group of enemies storm at you close together (like in a corridor), it's not unreasonable to treat them as one big target giving a bonus to hit if you don't care who you hit. I add the number of targets and add a bonus equal to the speed range penalty. So 7 zombies coming at you down a corridor gives a +3 bonus to hit. (This is instead of the very cumbersome rules for stray shots).

I also allow All out Ready for two actions of ready in a turn.

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