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Default Re: Gurps Starships line errata(and some observations)

Continuation of the collection list in the first post.

Spaceships 4
Samson-Class Grappler Ship
Has only one core system. Fixed by adding an extra Fuel Tank

Spaceships 5
Star Seed
Has only one Solar Panel Array. So needs the note "Cannot use Mining and Nanofactory modules at the same time"

Note: Swapping one of the Science Arrays(There is really no need for more than one) to a second Solar Panel Array would allow both to be operated at the same time.

Helldiver-Class Armored Lander
Emergency Ejection System not allowed in Core Control Room.

The ATR rocket is listed as giving 0.2g/module for a total of 0.6g. But the basic ATR at TL 10 give 0.2 with hydrogen and using water instead you get 0.6g/module for a total of 1.8g.

It is also noted as "This is a compact, single-stage-to-orbit vehicle using anti-
matter rocket engines to achieve high performance. This permits landing and takeoff from high-G worlds. It is designed to glide in for a landing from orbit, but it can operate from a vertical position"

But its ability to operate in high-G worlds is severely limited by the low D-v.

The d-V is just enough to reach low orbit of 1g planet with a minimal reserve for docking maneuvers,de-orbiting and similar, so it could not operate from larger planets. So no "high-G" world capability and earth size world support requires an atmosphere for landing or orbital refueling.

Star Hunter
Says that: "Personnel include four control crew, six scientists, and one technician." and yet it has life support only for max 6 people.

Simple solution is to swap out the three cabins with total life support with something giving more such. Just using 6 cabins allows for that to be carried but maximally one more person. Three cabins and three bunk rooms would allow it to carry the normal crew of 11 and have extra space for maximally 7 others.

Spaceships 6
Class III Spaceport
Is listed as TL 8 in the title and TL 9 in the table. Given the C6 (10 base -4 for tl 8) of the computer in the control room and no components requiring TL 9 it seems like TL 8 is the correct one.

Has one FTL drive but listed range of "-" The range should be "1x"

Vredefort-Class Asteroid Mine Station
Station requires 60 technicians; need to increase accomodations to facilitate them.

Aquarius-Class Interstellar Supertanker
Occ is 14ASV but the crew breakdown lists 19 crew. The easiest fix is to add 4 more cabins, reducing Steerage Cargo to 9,880 tons.

Spaceships 8
Von Braun-class
Has 3 factory modules total each requiring a power point, but only 2 power points produced: Solar Panel Array (one Power Point) and Fusion Reactor (de-rated; one Power Point).

The simple fix would be to replace the de-rated Fusion Reactor with a full version. At minimum it would require a note that only 2 of the factory modules can be operated at the same time.

Lewis-Class HSTV
Can't have Weapon Battery in [Core]. Easiest fix is to swap the [Core] Smaller SM System with one of the Fuel Tanks. Alternatively replace the Weapon Battery with a Fuel Tank and add a Smaller SM System in the hull with one Weapon Battery and two Smaller SM Fuel Tanks.

Steptoe-Class Debris Recovery Vehicle
Fusion Rocket require SM+9 at TL9. Ship must be TL10.
Rear Smaller SM Light Alloy Armor has only dDR 2.
GURPS spaceship unofficial errata and thoughts:

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