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Default Re: New GM needing help with almost everything with space campaign

I haven't designed a new SF campaign for a while but whn I did the first thing I decided on was the overall tone of the game.

I was looking for something Firefly-like so I decided that ten years before the three biggest and best developed colony worlds had fought for and won their indepedence from the oppresive Earth Colonial Authority. The ECA msotly collapsed so even the smaller colonies were mostly ont their own.

So, especially on the lightly settled frontier there is little law and not much order and heavily armed people in small armed spaceships wander around freely.

Why do spaceships travel between worlds? Because people on those worlds need Stuff and will pay to have that Stuff brought to them. The PCs are in the Stuff-moving business one way or another.

However much the macroeconomics of the setting interest you I'm afraid the above is an example of what you actually need.

While I did use Space a couple of ways during the design phase what I used most often during actual play (besides te Basic Set) was Ultra Tech. UT is full of things your PCs will want for their own use like weapons and defenses and ultra tech first aid equipment.

What you're going to allow your PCs to buy out of UT (or Bio-tech or toehr books) is probably closer to what you need to focus on. This will be a matter of TL and what Superscience you allow.
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