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Default Re: New GM needing help with almost everything with space campaign

Originally Posted by Tungsten93 View Post
Me and my friends (who are just as unexperienced as I am) have decided we want to play a new campaign and I've made the stupid decision to be the GM.
There's a long and honorable tradition going back to the very beginning of the hobby of people with no qualifications whatsoever deciding to run games. You'll be fine.

Originally Posted by Tungsten93 View Post
What is your step by step process if you have create a new universe?
How do you have stuff make sense in your world, without going down the rabbit hole?
OK, first: breathe.

Now, on to more substantive matters. You're drowning on world-building. I would recommend taking a step back from that for a moment and considering what you're doing as a GM. Your job is, essentially, to provide things for the players to do and administer how all of that falls out. This is not to discourage world building, but rather a reminder to keep an eye on the point of that world building.

For example, you've got a space station as a set piece. So far, so good. Why is the space station there? Well, does it matter? Will your players care? They're in a star-faring SF campaign, of course there's a space station. And while your players will likely care about the layout, defensible positions, places to hide and sneak around, and all that kind of thing, they're not going to care more about the history of the station, the primary exports of the planet below, and so on any more than you care about the zoning and construction history of any airport you happen to pass through. You care more about where to go to get to the gate and how much they're going to gouge you if you have to buy a sandwich.

The point here, then, is not that you have to give up what you've done to this point, but if it's causing you problems--and it clearly is--then you can just let it go for now. Stop and refocus on the players and the game they're likely to play. You can focus on broad outlines for now and flesh them out down the line. While some kind of top-down work is important for plotting out things like what the important locations are, what factions and cultural trends everybody will be familiar with, who the major political entities and institutions are, and so on, you must stop at some point and focus on the "what are we actually going to do this weekend" end of things, which is mostly where your players are going to be. Your players will mostly be satisfied with the broad strokes of the greater galaxy because most of us are satisfied with knowing the broad strokes of the world we inhabit.
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