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Default Re: Temporarily mitigating a character's odious personal habit

If it's a one-time thing, I'd probably allow it with a roll against an appropriate skill. Possibly with a Will roll as well to submit to such treatment. This makes sense to me since OPH implies that there's an ingrained personality trait they are going against. If it became a common practice, I'd ask the player to either buy off the disadvantage or buy it down due to the mitigator.

I'd also be willing to accept an alternate temporary OPH. In Bad Smell, it's allowed to cover up the particular bad smell with another equally strong bad smell. Likewise, I'd probably allow someone with OPH (Dresses really badly) to temporarily substitute OPH (fidgets uncomfortably) or OPH (complains about everything) when the party talks him into court garb.

In Bad Sight, there's a mitigator modifier for glasses. I'm hesitant to apply it so broadly as to let it happen with an OPH, but as long as it's still usually a problem, there could be some wiggle room.

In the example of Aragorn, I think he was buying off the disadvantage and embracing his nobility.
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