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Default Re: Post-Apoc Cinematic Campaign - I'm stuck

It does depend on what the WMD's are. Some bio-weapons might not be all that hard in a time without antibiotics. Depending on what the bad guys have from the old times, Chlorine and Mustard Gas are Great War technology--as was so sadly shown in the early 20th century.

Even a nuclear weapon--if they have u-235 from an old era bomb--is apparently fairly possible--though most bombs use plutonium, which is much harder to make into a bomb. A dirty bomb is, sadly, quite easy.

Assassination of sceintists can be one way to go. Another way might be an air strike, depending on what they have available--or can find in a survivalist lair. Mortars aren't too hard, either--the IRA built them durring the troubles. With WMD's in the picture, a fair amount of collateral damage becomes sadly acceptable.
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