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Default Re: Post-Apoc Cinematic Campaign - I'm stuck

Originally Posted by Onkl View Post
Now, an assault on the adverse crime families headquarters is a very dangerous undertaking as it is well guarded and heavily fortified.

Do you have any suggestion on a conclusion of this story line? Of course, I would like to see the PCs succeed, but not without tackling some obstacles first.
Coming at this as a player, it doesn't sound like the PCs really have any ties to this community, so running away seems like an option. You haven't said what the WMDs actually, are, but anything vaguely realistic is likely to require specialized knowledge and expensive resources to actually produce. If my *primary* goal is to get rid of them, and not to transfer ownership to me or to kill the rival crime boss, I might be able to obtain that somewhat more easily, say by killing his experts who are producing the thing. Is he really building a WMD in his own fortress? If so, can I heroically *set it off* killing him and his WMD development experts at the same time? Admittedly that might not be a lot less suicidal.
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