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Default Re: [Magic] 1001 Standard Magic Items

Item Name: Timekeeping Ring
Item Type: Ring
Description: A simple bronze ring (0.1 lbs.)
Price: $520.25
Materials Cost: $6.25
Enchantment Cost: $514.00
Enchantments: Adjustable Clothing (34, p. M59), Alarm (60, p. M100) x8.
Function: Adjusts to fit it's wearer by changing size up to 25%. Vibrates or chimes every three hours. When used in conjunction with a simple timekeeping device such as an hourglass, this item lets someone keep time accurately when at sea for long periods, allowing better navigation than would usually be possible at TL3.
Notes: Cost and weight of the ring from Dungeon Fantasy 8. This item is considerably cheaper than one enchanted with Tell Time ($8,250), although not quite as practical. Cheaper versions may have fewer alarm spells.
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