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Default Re: [Magic] 1001 Standard Magic Items

Item Name: Antipode Shotgun
Item Type: Double-Barrel Shotgun
Description: This seemingly innocuous double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun doesn't fire shells. Instead, it fires a fireball and an ice dagger at the target simultaneously - one effect from each barrel. In fact, it is incapable of using shells, as the barrels have the gems necessary for the enchantment nestled where the shells would be. Alternatively, the user can choose to fire only one of the two enchantments.
Price: $205,800
Materials Cost: Ruby and sapphire both worth $400; Ithaca Auto & Burglar shotgun worth $400.
Enchantment Cost: $204,600
Enchantments: Two Power spells, one at Power 2 (1,000), the other at Power 4 (4,000) (M57); Fireball (800, M188); Ice Dagger (400, M188). Can be further enchanted with Accuracy.
Function: Duh. ;)
Notes: The 1/2D and Max Ranges of the spells are replaced by the Range of the shotgun itself. Power 4 is used to power Fireball, giving 2d burn; Power 2 is used to power Ice Dagger, giving 2d-2 imp. Use Guns/TL (Shotgun) to fire.

Okay, I know I deviated from the plan by using a TL6 shotgun as the base, but this happens to be my all-time favorite magic weapon. This could be the result of someone from TL6-8 arriving on Yrth with a normal double-barrel shotgun, running out of ammo, being unable to replicate the ammo, and enchanting the weapon to keep it usable.
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