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Default Re: [Magic] 1001 Standard Magic Items

I'll have to repair this posting later, much later, however....

Item Name: Wizard's Travel Cloak

Item Type: Clothing, Adventure Gear

Description: This generally looks like a traveler's cloak of good quality. Spells on the cloak keep the wearer at a pleasent tempature and dry. Ordinary weather phenomea don't effect the wearer. The cloak cleans itself and it's wearer constantly (thus allowing the Mage to have an impressive appearence anywhere). The cloak also keeps all vermine away (fleas,ticks, ect)
Upon saying a name emboidered on the lining, the cloak turns into bedding, rich and comfortable bedding, which like the cloak is always self-cleaning and vermine free. Another name, embroidered on the blankets turns them back into a cloak.

Price: (Total fair market value) I'll have to figure that out.

Materials Cost: You must start with a fine cloak.

Enchantment Cost: I don't have my books with me.

Enchantments: Name (Energy, Page) Unbrella, wards against weather and wind, and inscets.

Function: Warmth and comfort for travelers, and making a better impression when you get there.

Notes: This will need some.

Repairs later.
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