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Yes, I see in the current ITL, there is the limitation of one staff at a time. With a staff's capability as a mana store, it' not cost effective to waste a staff this way.

Wondering if there is any type of conducting 'wire' for magical energy.

A wizard could hook his staff up to 'magical wire' system connected to all doors and windows of a house and when an intruder touches a door or window, it conducts the intruder's touch to the staff, setting it off.

Would a staff fully charged with mana explode with more force than 3 dice?

When a staff does its 3 dice damage, it is like a grenade (potentially damaging other people around the grasper, or a live electrical wire affecting just the person in contact with it?
That sounds like a good magic item to me and it has a built-in limitation: a socket where you plug in the staff and filaments that "extend" its reach. Only works when the staff is plugged into the network. Touch a filament and you get shock. You could have different levels of the item, starting at 1 die, going up to 3 -- maybe it takes more work to make a better "conductor". Maybe the wizard could also make an occult attack at something near a filament.
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