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Originally Posted by LemmingLord View Post
Are there many species on the race's home world (animal level) intelligence with the same tadpole marsupial set up, you know, evolutionary cousins? What allows the rare males to out survive their sisters? Are they spiked, poisonous, or better at hiding in their youth?

I also love this race. I have questions about linguistic challenges with human languages based on human psychology versus the alien... But I'll review the parts on language you've already posted before I do do!
I have decided that one major branch of 'amphibian' life follows this pattern on their planet, but they have another branch with more more conventional male/female ratios.

I hadn't thought of extra survival ability for males, but they would need it. Better camouflage, sort of like how many female birds lack the bright colors of the males. I also never thought about how the animals are organized, but it seems it would have to be hive/colony like in structure, with the female/male reproductive unit being protected. But as with life on Earth there is undoubtedly lots of variation of strategies.

Other psychology thoughts:
1. no real concept of romantic relationships, they do form friendships, most often within the House because that is who an given Chibi would interact with the most, but also possible outside the House and is much more common in modern Chibi society where Houses interact more.
2. the touching, sleeping together and swimming naked thing mean very different things to them than they do for humans and many other species.
3. curious nature which helps them learn quickly in their shortened maturation process also leads not so much respect for personal space
4. they don't categorize people as male or female, one could say they assume everyone is female or they treat everyone as female, but that is kind of simplification. The concept of separate fashions, behaviors, and the like based on gender is very alien to them.
5. they like to work as teams, and develop the ability to do so very well.
6. an alien can get adopted into a House, it is quite rare even now that the Chibi interact with other species regularly, they get treated as any adopted Daughter with certain limitations on positions that can be held within the House - no alien would ever get a position of authority within a House.

Other linguistic thoughts:
1. purring, cooing and hissing are among their vocalizations. They don't sniff or snort for physiological reasons.
2. I use the she/her pronouns for them, but I think a more direct translation would be genderless since they don't draw the distinction, but we lack such a pronoun.
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