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Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
They don't have any stats that make them less aggressive than Humans (unless a situation arises in which they're too curious or lonely to shoot you while the average Human would), and we're pretty aggressive, as a group, in case you haven't noticed. A Proud Mother could get her back up over something and order 5,000 Humble, frequently Selfless daughters who have rock-solid camaraderie with the team into battle on a whim. They actually sound kinda dangerous to me.

ETA: And they're all Playful, as the racial average. They can do stuff like the Birthday Boy scene in Full Metal Jacket and almost nobody will quietly freak out - the entire squad will genuinely laugh. Morale bonanza. The more I think about it, the less I want to fight a war against these women.
The only thing that has mitigated wide-spread violence for the Chibi (compared to humans) is the notion of family. A Mother may need to send her Daughters to their deaths to preserve the House (and would do so if she had to), but they are still her Daughters not drones, she loves them.
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