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Default Re: One of my alien designs

Originally Posted by apoc527 View Post
2. They seem to be remarkably peaceful and non-aggressive, though you indicate they might be carnivorous. It seems likely that a carnivore would develop some level of aggression and capacity for violence. These Chibi seem perhaps too peaceful.
They don't have any stats that make them less aggressive than Humans (unless a situation arises in which they're too curious or lonely to shoot you while the average Human would), and we're pretty aggressive, as a group, in case you haven't noticed. A Proud Mother could get her back up over something and order 5,000 Humble, frequently Selfless daughters who have rock-solid camaraderie with the team into battle on a whim. They actually sound kinda dangerous to me.

ETA: And they're all Playful, as the racial average. They can do stuff like the Birthday Boy scene in Full Metal Jacket and almost nobody will quietly freak out - the entire squad will genuinely laugh. Morale bonanza. The more I think about it, the less I want to fight a war against these women.

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