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Default Re: One of my alien designs

When I first read about one mother and many daughters, I was quite skeptical. Then I noticed that the male increases the mother's lifespan by six to seven times, and things made a LOT more sense.

A few questions (which I hope you'll take as compliments, I don't normally find aliens with different biologies that are well thought out):

How many 'daughters' is considered a large family? how many is considered a small family?
Does wealth stratification tend to happen to a family as a whole, or to a particular individual?

And now for my mind generating what perversions of this system are possible. I know the answers to these are going to vary by society among the aliens.

This order presumably breaks down on occasion. What does that look like? I assume it looks like a large number of sisters going ronin.
Has infanticide ever occurred? A mother who kills a batch of tadpoles when it becomes apparent that none are male, and tries until she has one? I assume such things happen, even if they are abhorrent.
How is the crime of stealing a tadpole and becoming (if only temporarily) a mother looked upon? does this crime take moments, hours, or days? How are the resulting children looked upon?
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