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Default Re: Main-gauche vs. Dagger

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
TBH, I think the root problem is the idea that 'parry' can only mean stopping hits. I don't use that mechanic in my games. Shields and parrying weapons are designed to block or deflect... denying the hit, not reduce damage from a successful one.
It's easy to get hung up on this distinction, but the TFT level of resolution is rough enough that it can just disappear anyway. My preferred example is that I am fighting an opponent that does 1d damage, and I have either (a) a shield that stops 1 point of damage or (b) a shield that protects only my most vital point, so it completely blocks a roll of 6 but has no effect on any other damage roll. These might sound like very different shields, but actually they're exactly equivalent in mechanical terms, with the same distribution of damage getting through. So sometimes worrying about how it works is effort misdirected.
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