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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

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Remember, this is DF, where it is often assumed that roaming bands of adventurers who delve dangerous depths for profit are ubiquitous within the setting. Silly as it may be, within a DF dungeon crawling setting it is quite plausible that the education system for youth involves teaching them adventuring relevant skills. Like how we often aspire to become doctors or engineers or astronauts in our reality, perhaps the youth of a DF setting might aspire to become professional adventurers.

"Daddy, when I grow up I want to become a cobbler!"

"No sweety, be realistic about your career goals. I'm putting you through an expensive education so one day you can join the Adventurer's Guild and become successful. That's a real career."
In DF I expect delving to be something done by members of society lower than nobles, due to the dangers inherent in the profession. I also assume delvers tend to function more like typical pirates did - go delving until you get a big "score," drink and party until out of cash, then go back to delving. That said, you could easily have a noble girl (I had forgotten how old Alice is) who dreams of becoming an adventurer, and who's parents have opted to acquire a sword instructor to humor and placate her until she grows out of it and turns her mind to more useful endeavors, like land management (or marrying into royalty, or whatever). The fact she acquires skill in self-defense may well be useful, making her less likely to end up a damsel in distress, is an added bonus (or maybe the crown prince - who is only a few years older than her - appears to have a thing for strong women, and her being able to handle herself in a fight would make her more attractive to him than her peers, while allowing his family to marry him to a proper noble instead of some lowborn adventurer he sets his eyes on).
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