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Default Re: New to The Fantasy Trip. Got questions.

I donít think characters necessarily die more easily than in other RPGs, itís just that it may be less apparent what constitutes a deadly challenge in TFT.

In D&D and other RPGs, I notice that parties seldom actually face an even odds battle, even if they think they do. The players normally have magical healing, feats and other aid not generally available to the opponents/monsters. Itís common sense that if you face an even odds fight, then youíll lose 50% of the time.

In TFT itís common for inexperienced GMs to pit players against well matched opponents and then be surprised that the players are killed, or so beat up that they canít continue with the adventure. An experienced GM wonít throw those sort of challenges at the players very often, perhaps saving the do or die stuff for the climactic battle of the story.

If youíre planning a dungeon crawl or extended adventure with TFT, then you need to make the majority of the challenges much less testing. They will still constitute danger, as even an easy combat win may lead to wounds which will hamper the characters later on. You may also afford chances for healing which can allow play to continue.
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