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Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
This is already a rule in TFT, but you can move the death threshold down further (say, -10, or -ST) to provide a comfortable window of being likely to survive even without Immediate Action - yet sufficiently big hits or sufficiently cruel enemies are still an immediate threat.
There is? Where is this rule?

To the OP: Regarding lethality, other's have mentioned options found in the full RPG rules, In the Labyrinth, which aren't available in just the Microgames Melee and Wizard.

In addition... it's your game. If you find it's still too lethal for your tastes, you're free to tweak it with houserules.

Since you're already familiar with D&D, you could do what I did and incorporate the Death Saves mechanic from 5E. Reposting my conversion from the House Rules sub-forum:

If damage takes your ST below zero, you're not dead, but dying.

Roll 3d6 against a flat target number of 10 at the end of each turn (see Turn Sequencing and Options, page 101-102 of ITL. Happens in stage 6, same as determining Post Turn Damage), beginning with the same turn the character went below zero.

A total of three failed rolls and you're dead. Three successes and you're unconscious but stable. Normal double and triple results for critical rolls apply.

Additional damage while you are dying (like lying in a fire hex) automatically counts as a failed Death roll.

A Physicker can attempt to stabilize a dying character in combat. A successful roll doesn't heal any damage, but prevents the need for any further Death saves. Only one attempt per character.

Small tweak: both the Death Save and Physicker roll to Stabilize have the following penalties for serious wounds.
When current ST is:
  • More than 1/2 (rounded up) base ST below zero: -1 penalty
  • More than base ST below zero: -2 penalty
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