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Originally Posted by Saltyfish King View Post
The genres we play really various. Some love Wuxia, some love space opera, some love super hero, some like maho shojo or that kind of anime things. Recently I had a game mixing action with biotech and psi, in which I play as an esp infiltrator.
I am his GM, and this campaign is called the Rubik's Cube of Life, a TL8 world with TL11^ biotechnology. Use the Action's template for 250 points and an additional 50 free character points. The content of the story is that in 1985, a company called Tree of Life was born, leading to the divergence of human science and technology. In 2053, at the present time of the story, a number of biotechnology companies have pushed human biotechnology to an unprecedented peak, but the tree of life has been standing at the peak. As an agent of another biotech company, Ingram, PC is sent to the Tree of Life's home base, San Francisco, in search of the Tree of Life's ultimate secret, "Rubik's Cube of Life".
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