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That's kind of clever! But it seems like a huge amount of work to come up with fifty different variants on the basic concept, or even fifty different names. And more so if this is an example where you aren't doing fantastic elements such as magic or superscience. Could you offer a few examples?
More Examples (Portal in DC unless otherwise indicated)
  1. Yankee - North secedes and wins the civil war.
  2. Madison - Canada annexed in War of 1812.
  3. Whiggish Dream - France conquers thirteen colonies during 18th century, only for them to successfully rebel later.
  4. Bull Moose - Teddy Roosevelt wins third term and invades Mexico.
  5. Estados Unidos - The Spanish Armada crushes England. About 200 years later New Spain rebels!
  6. Kingfish - Huey Long forces a contingent election in '36 and becomes president in 1940, charting a populist and isolationist course.
  7. Wobblies - Economic troubles caused by German victory in WW1 (Britain stayed out and no one calls it that) led to general strikes and syndicalist revolution in America.
  8. Vinlandsaga - A more diplomatic approach towards the indigenous population helped Lief Ericsson's colony survive and thrive.
  9. Seven United Colonies - 80 years' war and the French wars of religion end in a Catholic Victory. Fledgling colonies in New Netherlands are bolstered by large numbers of Calvinist refugees.
  10. Fusang - China settles California in the 14th century, and loses interest during the Ming-Qing Transition. The colony becomes de facto independent and by the early 19th century becomes dominant in North America.
  11. JFK - JFK survives Oswald's attempt, and the Tonkin incident is downplayed. It's 1968, and Nixon must face a deteriorating situation in Thailand with the support of a resolute citizenry.
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