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It is just as it says. Whenever your group finds potential treasure other than coins, is it really of value or just shiny?

You find bottles of beverage. Is it fine whiskey at $400 a bottle or cheap swill that no one would be interested in taking off your hands. Now Recon Value won't tell you it is worth $400, but you will know this should go for more than standard going rate for a bottle of wine. Without Assess Value you don't know if it is x2 or x10 the going rate.

Or you can just drink it.

Too often in games the valuable are coins, gems, magic items and fine weapons. But even gems can go from being worthless glass to a high quality diamond. Also some GMs will just tell you the values and give the cash without having to figure out how to unload it. Just depends on how streamlined a game they want to run.

Most commonly this skill's use is when selling the item or even when deciding what to take while on a raid. Maybe the GM won't even tell about the bottles of fine whiskey if you do not have the talent to notice it.

Another example: Your group acquires a ring with a gem on it. You go to sell it as you assume it has value. The merchant says it is worth $40 and he'll give you $20. You lucked out since it turns out it is valuable and you don't have Recon Value. Maybe that is true. Or maybe he is lying to you and it is worth $400. And in this case it was lacking Assess Value that cost you.
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