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Default Spell categories by Magery

I haven't used magic a lot in GURPS, but once in a while I find myself wondering about the capabilities of wizards by Magery level. It seems like there are several broad categories that emerge.

For instance, the entire field of magic-item-creation (except the Scroll spell) seems to be dependent on Magery 2. So you've got to have Magery 2 to be an enchanter.

I haven't looked at every possibility, but it seems that the traditional offensive spells like Lightning and Fireball require Magery 1. It seems to me like Magery 1 is the threshold for using magic offensively.

Are there any other broad categories that emerge from spell prerequisites, either minimums you need to be in a category or maximums that limit you to a category?

(Not interested in talking about anything but the standard spell system, thanks.)
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